Give your dog the fun club they deserve

DogsFunClub will collect your dog in the morning, give them an action packed day, then drop them home happy and tired in the afternoon. 

Our doggy day care is based on a fun and play environment, which dogs love, in a large secure area with plenty of space for the dogs to form social groups, interact and play. 

Since we only accept friendly dogs the atmosphere is fun, safe and social, and is suitable for big and small, young and old. Each individual dog will cared for in a way which suits them. They will be encouraged to join in but at their own pace. Contact us for more details.



Your dog will spend their day playing, exploring, socialising and resting with their friends at the Day Care Club. We have a comfortable indoor area with beds and heating where the dogs can go and rest and chill out


The Daycare is set in a family home environment, where we have a large, secure outdoor area for the safety and fun of all our dogs. The dogs will never be left unsupervised and will actively be encouraged to join in the activities.


We always have a qualified pet first aider on site and a fully equipped first aid box travels with us wherever we go. We also have 24 hour access to an emergency vet.

The outside area only has plants and trees that are safe for dogs, this increases their sensory perception and gives them extra areas to explore and run around.

A typical day at Dogs Fun Club:

9.30-12.00 Walks in the countryside/Playtime outside

12.00-12.30 Basic training

12.30-13.30 Rest time with cuddles

13.30-14.30 Free time for dogs to play with each other

14.30-15.30 Games in the garden

15.30-15.45 Rest time with cuddles

16.00 Time to get ready to go home.

(Each day will differ as we like to give the dogs as many different experiences as we can)


Puppy Socialising 

We believe every dog should be social, happy and fulfilled. Early socialisation is key to ensuring your puppy gets the best start in life. A dedicated team member and separate outdoor section offers a safe and stimulating environment for puppies to learn and grow, fully supervised with a warm and cosy indoor area for lunch and nap time.


We enrol puppies from 14 weeks old, once they are fully vaccinated. We only enrol social and regular dogs so we can be sure your puppy is with like minded and familiar friends.


We will not attempt to do any formal training with the dogs, but we can do general training and improve general behaviour if you feel that it is needed. We have a variety of agility equipment to add to the fun which will be supervised at all times.

We will help to improve manners, sociability and confidence in your dog. We only use positive reinforcement methods with every dog, which means your dog will get lots of praise for good behaviour.



We bill monthly in advance (See terms and conditions)

Daycare is £25 per day (this includes pick up and drop off)

Daycare at weekends if available and pre arranged is £30 per day

Extra days can be added on an ad-hoc basis or days swapped if available

There is a 10% discount for every second dog from the same home

Opening times

We are open five days a week, with the exception of bank holidays, May bank holiday week, August bank holiday week, the week between Christmas and new year and the week preceding the Easter weekend.

Pick-up will be between 8,30 - 9.30am and drop off between 4 - 5pm (We avoid the peak traffic times to ensure that the dogs are not in the van for excessive periods of time)

               New Service!

       Dog wash station now 


             Small dogs £10

          Med/large dogs £15

       inc. shampoo and dry

Information and terms and conditions

Dogs Fun Club is insured professionally with specialist animal trade insurers. Our insurance covers public liability; day care, custody, control and transportation of your dog; loss of keys and boarding.


Dogs Fun Club has obtained boarding licences from Wycombe council and can accommodate six dogs at a time.


We recommend that we come to meet your dog in their own home so that when we come to pick them up they will know who we are. You are also welcome to come and see the place in action.


Dogs fun club is extremely strict in only accepting social dogs. This ensures all of the dogs are happy in one another’s company, so it is unlikely your dog will not get on with another dog. In fact, the dogs will form their own social groups with other dogs at the Day Care Club who enjoy similar activities! Nb. If a dog shows signs of aggression, you will be contacted to pick the dog up. The dog will remain separated from the other dogs, until you arrive.

Most clients should be comfortable sharing a set of keys with Dogs Fun Club to enable us to collect and drop off your dog even if you are not home. We are a family only run day care, so there are no staff outside of the family.

Payment should be made monthly in advance, unless with prior arrangement. Nb. if payment has not been made your dog may not be picked up and risks being left alone all day. Invoices will be sent out at the end of the previous month.

Your dog will be under constant supervision by our team of experienced doggy supervisors at the Day Care Club, and will NEVER be left unattended.

There is a heated room, where your dog will have a choice of comfy dog beds if they would like to escape the weather or have a snooze. The dogs have constant access to the building so they can use it whenever they like!

Dogs Fun Club is the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise. We accept puppies from as young as 14 weeks old or once they are two weeks out of their vaccination period.

We ask that you commit to one at least one day each week. It is possible to add additional days as required. Swaps may be made if space is available.

The crates in the van are vet approved and have more space than necessary for even the bigger breeds. The dogs shouldn't have any issues with the van or crates, since it has a hugely positive association for them – it means they get to have a fun day running around with all of their friends!

All dogs that attend Dogs Fun Club must have their vaccinations up to date and must also be up to date  flea and worm treatment, proof of these must be shown prior to the commencement of daycare.

24 hours notice should be given for cancellations.